General Conditions


Costa do Vizir Camping

Apartments • Bungalows • Mobile Homes

Dear Guests

Our furnished accommodation – apartments, bungalows and mobile homes – has been built and fitted out with your comfort in mind, offering the quality and safety needed for you to make the most of your stay. You are kindly requested to use your accommodation responsibly.


    Guests can book furnished accommodation (apartments, bungalows, glamping or mobile homes) at Costa do Vizir Camping on our
    website, by email, phone or in person.

    • Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of full payment for your stay. For bookings made directly at the campsite, guests
      can pay by debit or credit card. If you book by email, telephone or in person at Costa do Vizir Camping reception, you
      can also pay by bank transfer, within 5 business days of making the preliminary reservation.
    • When you make a booking less than 5 days before arriving (up to the day before), you can still pay by bank transfer, but
      you must make the transfer immediately for the full amount for your stay and send us proof of transfer by email. Your
      reservation will only be finalised and confirmed after we have received payment or proof of transfer.
    • All bookings requested by email, phone or in person at reception at Costa do Vizir Camping but not confirmed by full payment
      for your stay, and by an email with the respective proof of payment within the time limit indicated, will be cancelled
      without further notice.
    • All reservations paid for by bank transfer or a deposit in our bank account will only be deemed paid after we receive
      the email with proof of payment or the deposit slip.
    • Please note that, whatever the circumstances, we can only consider requests for changes to reservations when sent by email
      to reception at Costa do Vizir Camping. We will not accept requests for changes to reservations or cancellations when
      made by phone. The dates of your booking/stay can only be changed if your preferred dates are available.
    • Changes are not accepted to bookings made for special dates: principally the Christmas season, New Year, Carnival, Events,
      bank holiday weekends and other festive dates.
    • In the event of cancellation, we will refund 90% of the total price of your stay if you cancel at least 30 days before
      your booked arrival date. We will refund 45% of the total price of your stay if you cancel up to 21 days before your
      booked arrival date. No refund will be made if you cancel 20 days or less prior to the start of your stay. All payments
      for bookings made 20 days or less before the start of the stay are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
  2. NO SHOW

    • Guests are asked to check in between 16:00 and 23:00 hours on their arrival date. Guests arriving after 23:00 hours must
      arrange in advance to check in at the main gate; in this case contact us first, otherwise your booking will be cancelled.
    • lf you fail to check in on your booked arrival date, your entire booking will be cancelled and no refund will be paid.
    • If you leave earlier than originally planned, we are sorry that no refund can be paid.

    • On arrival, you are required to pay a deposit of 150€ for each accommodation units (apartment, bungalow, glamping tent
      or mobile home). Please note, that this deposit must be paid in cash.
    • The deposit will be used to cover the cost of any breakages, damage or missing items in the accommodation, for which the
      guest is responsible.
    • If the deposit is insufficient to cover the damage caused to the accommodation, the remaining expense borne by Parque
      de Campismo Costa do Vizir to repair the damage and replace the items will be charged to the guest on check-out, if the
      value can be immediately determined, or at a later date after the repair or replacement has been duly costed. In these
      cases, we will report damage/missing items to the police.
    • The deposit will be returned in full, on the last day or your stay, if the accommodation is returned without any damage.

    • Please check in on your arrival date at reception, between 16:00 and 23:00 hours. If you fail to check in by 23:00 hours,
      your booking will be cancelled and no refund will be paid.
    • You must check out by 12:00 hours on your departure date. If you fail to check out by 12.00 hours, you will be charged
      three times the daily rate for each extra day until the accommodation is definitively vacated. You will also be liable
      for any compensation that Parque de Campismo Costa do Vizir may have to pay to other guests who have booked the accommodation
      and who are unable to check in because it is still occupied or not in a fit state for occupation.
    • If you change your mind and decide to leave after check-in, or if you leave early, because of a change in the weather
      or any other reason, you will not be entitled to any type of refund or compensation, in cash or credit for further stays,
      or in any other form, and all amounts paid for the booking will be forfeit.

    • Please note the maximum sleeping capacity for your accommodation.
    • Provided the maximum number of guests per unit is not exceeded, additional guests may be accommodated on sofas or extra
      beds or cradles; please be sure to register and pay for these guests and the extra services contracted.

    • Visitors are allowed in the furnished accommodation, provided they are registered and pay the respective charge. These
      visitors may not stay overnight in the site, and must leave by 22:00 hours.
    • If the visitors wish to stay overnight in the accommodation unit of the guest visited, they must inform reception and
      may only stay if the maximum capacity permits.
    • The charges payable for their stay are those indicated in the price list.

    • Our furnished accommodation is equipped with quality fittings designed to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable.
    • All equipment and other utensils are the sole property of Parque de Campismo Costa do Vizir.
    • Guests are required to pay in full for any breakages, damage or losses in their accommodation.
    • Guests will not be permitted to check out and deposits will not be returned until such amounts are paid.
    • The occupants of the accommodation in question will be liable for payment of any compensation due to other guests asand
      a result of the damage caused.

    • Your accommodation will be cleaned and presented to you in a hygienic state when you arrive. This service is provided
      by the camp site. Thereafter, it is your responsibility to keep your accommodation clean and tidy.
    • Bed linen and bath and face towels are provided and included in the price of your accommodation for each occupant, as
      booked and reserved.
    • Linen and towels are then only changed every seven days.
    • If you ask for extra linen for one or more beds (in addition to the weekly change), a charge will be made for this service,
      per set of bed linen and towels, per person. Please see the price list.

    In order to keep our facilities in top condition and to respect all our guests, certain rules must be scrupulously followed.
    Anyone who refuses to accept or comply with these rules will be required to leave the site immediately.

  10. PETS

    • No pets are allowed in the furnished accommodation, and people accompanied by pets are therefore not admitted.
    • Campers in their own tents or caravans are welcome to bring pets.
    • If you arrive to check in accompanied by pets, or if you bring animals into the accommodation, even if only from time
      to time, or to stay there, your stay will be cancelled and you will be asked to leave the furnished accommodation. No
      accommodation charges will be refunded.

    Please note that smoking is strictly prohibited in the furnished accommodation.


    Parking is only allowed in the designated areas. Please respect the parking spaces reserved for furnished accommodation.
    Each unit (apartment or bungalow) is entitled to 1 parking space. Parking is available for extra vehicles at our discretion
    and a supplement will be charged.


    Please note that bicycles cannot be kept inside the accommodation, nor in the porches. Bicycle stands are provided in appropriate
    locations; please ask in reception.


    You are kindly requested not to set up washing lines with cord or other materials between pillars, outside your accommodation,
    or to set up any other clotheslines not authorised by the Management. Your accommodation has fittings allowing you to hang
    up small laundry items in the WC – this is the only place allowed for hanging out washing.


    Charcoal or gas-fired grills and BBQ equipment using other fuels must not be used inside the accommodation or on the terraces
    or surrounding gardens.


    The quiet period is from 24:00 to 7:00 hours. Please be sure to keep all noise down during this period. You are not allowed
    to drive in or out of the site, or around the site, during the quiet period.


    To ensure everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay, unfriendly or antisocial behaviour must be avoided. Anyone who behaves in a
    manner regarded as disorderly or inappropriate, rude or antisocial, or who fails to comply with the internal regulations,
    will be required to leave immediately, and no refund will be due.

We wish you and your family a wonderful stay!