General Terms and Conditions of Sale

COMPANY DETAILS: Company: Costa do Vizir Beach Village & SPA, Lda. Tax ID: 508450160 Company location: Monte Branco, 7520-437 Porto Covo – Portugal Registered office: Monte Branco, 7520-437 Porto Covo Telephone contact: +351 269959100 (call cost for national landline) / +351 968526833 (cost of calling the national mobile network) E-mail contact: INTRODUCTION The purpose of this document is to regulate the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the online booking services or “services” of Costa do Vizir Beach Village & SPA, Lda, better identified above and hereinafter referred to as Costa do Vizir for short. All the information available on the website, which allows you to make a reservation for services are provided in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. The Customer confirms that he/she fully understands these general conditions of sale and who has full legal capacity to commit to the terms of the these general conditions of sale. As a consumer, the customer has specific rights, which can be challenged in the event that the reserved services are used within the scope of their activities commercial, business and/or professional. The Customer accepts the terms and conditions of sale of Costa do Vizir and the conditions of sale for the rate booked at the time of booking. The Customer has the option of saving these terms and conditions when using the standard functions in your browser or computer. The terms and conditions of sale binding on the Customer are those in force at the time of booking on the website. All reservations made through the website imply full consultation and acceptance these terms and conditions, as well as the sales conditions for the reserved tariff. If you disagree with these general terms and conditions of sale, do not should access, use or browse any page of the website. 0. USER RESPONSIBILITY 0.1 The user guarantees that he/she is over 18 years of age and that the information provided to Costa do Vizir are true, accurate, complete and up-to-date. In this in this sense, the user is responsible for the veracity of all the data provided and will keep the information provided duly updated in order to correspond to their real situation. 0.2 In the event that the user provides Costa do Vizir with third-party data, the user will you must declare that you have obtained the consent of these third parties to provide the data to Costa do Vizir. 0.3 The user will be responsible for any false or inaccurate information that provides through the website and for any damages, direct or indirect, that may result from the use of the website. for the Costa do Vizir or for third parties. 0.4 The user undertakes to use the services in accordance with the Law, standards morals, good customs and public order, as well as with the provisions of these terms and general conditions of sale. 1. WEBSITE INFORMATION: 1.1 The data that allows the precise identification of the Costa do Vizir and that discloses its company name, the address of its premises and registered office and e-mail address, telephone numbers and tax identification numbers. 1.2 The website allows users to book camping pitches and accommodation (apartments and bungalows) on the Costa do Vizir. 1.3 The main characteristics of the accommodation provided can be seen in the following table at the booking stage or by consulting the website (photographs for guidance). 1.4 The prices (accepted payment methods and validity of the offer) and dates available accommodation and camping pitches are presented during the reservation process. 1.5 These general terms and conditions of sale. 1.6 The period of validity of the offer and its price. 2. DEFINITIONS Under the terms of these conditions, the expressions and terms used below shall have the following meanings following meanings: ▪ “customer” – a natural person who hires a product or service and is able to legal entity to assume these terms and conditions. ▪ “online booking” – booking camping pitches and complementary accommodation (apartments and bungalows) through the virtual booking form via “thelisresa” on the Costa do Vizir website. ▪ “conditions of sale of the reserved tariff” – specific conditions for each reservation made by the Customer with regard to payment of the reservation. ▪ “reservation request” – request for reservation of camping pitches and accommodation (apartments and bungalows) made by the customer via the website:
Camping in Porto Covo
▪ “reservation accepted” before the reservation is confirmed there may be some restrictions applicable to the reservation of certain camping pitches or lodgings which may be unavailable during the stay or exist other circumstances that may affect the stay for the dates of the reservation and also in the cases of advance payment of the deposit, dependent on payment of the remainder of the reserve. In these cases, an e-mail is sent by Costa do Vizir to the Customer with the an indication of the payment made and a summary of the services booked by the Customer in the website. The reservation is only considered valid if Costa do Vizir validates and accepts it through to be binding. ▪ “booking confirmation” – e-mail sent by Costa do Vizir to the Client summarizing the services booked by the Customer on the website and the booking becomes binding. ▪ “service” – booking camping pitches and complementary accommodation (apartments and bungalows) whose main characteristics are presented in the Costa do Vizir website including the applicable rate. ▪ “partners” – refers to any Costa do Vizir business partner that operates the its business under the trademarks of which it is the owner and with which Costa Vizir has signed a contract that allows it to sell services. ▪ “partner services” – booking camping pitches and accommodation complementary (apartments and bungalows), whose main characteristics are presented in advertisements for camping pitches, apartments and bungalows available from any of Costa do Vizir’s partners. ▪ “mobile applications” – services that enable mobile terminals to connect to the Internet and, in particular, that allow you to consult and book camping services and complementary accommodation provided by Costa do Vizir. ▪ “service provider” – entity that allows users to access the website through your own website, mobile services or any other tool. The Coast Vizir uses the Unixdata / Thelisresa booking engine belonging to a provider. service provider, which, after collecting the data relating to the holder’s stay, communicates the them via the Thelisresa / Unixdata interface to the Costa do Vizir reservation system. which allows us to make reservations and provide you with information or clarification requested. “data” – refers to all the information provided by the Customer when making the reservation and/or third parties for whom you are making the reservation. “personal data” – refers to any information about an individual, directly or indirectly identified or identifiable, in particular by reference to a identifier such as name, identification number, location data, name of online user or one or more specific indications of their physical identity, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social. ▪ “e-mail / electronic mail” – any message, in text, voice, sound or image, sent over a public communication network and stored on a server of the network or on the recipient’s work equipment until it is received by the recipient. recipient. ▪ “website / site” – electronic service operated by Costa do Vizir on the Internet, available at at and in which the Client can make reservations on the Costa do Vizir. 3. OBJECT 3.1 These terms and conditions define the rights and obligations of the parties under the booking of services offered by Costa do Vizir. 3.2 It also covers all the necessary booking and post-booking phases. 3.3 The Customer acknowledges having read and fully and unconditionally accepted these terms and conditions of sale and the conditions of sale of the reserved rate, available on the website, as well as the privacy policy and general booking conditions in this latest version. 4. SCOPE These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through the website from Costa do Vizir at: and other channels. 5. DURATION 5.1 These general terms and conditions of sale apply for as long as the services of the Costa do Vizir are made available on the website. 5.2 Costa do Vizir has the right, without prior notice, to close temporarily or definitely the website or online booking space. 5.3 Costa do Vizir assumes no responsibility for damages, regardless of their nature, which may result from the changes and/or temporary unavailability or permanent or partial closure of the website or associated services, such as the online booking area.

6.1 The Customer undertakes, prior to any booking of services, to enter the
mandatory information requested in the online booking form.
6.2 The reservation will only be effective with the acceptance of Costa do Vizir.
6.3 Bookings made more than 30 days before the date of the stay only
shall be deemed to have been accepted once the advance payment has been received as a deposit of
(25%) of the total amount of the reservation, as well as after acceptance of the reservation by Costa
of the Vizier.
6.4 In the event of non-payment of the deposit to accept the reservation at the time when
the stay is made or the remaining amount of the stay is not paid
booked, which must be paid no later than 30 days before the scheduled start date of the stay,
In such cases, Costa do Vizir shall have the right to cancel the reservation and consequently the
accommodation or camping pitch, remain free for sale.
6.5 In the case of an accepted booking as provided for in 6.3, an e-mail is sent by Costa do Vizir to
Customer with indication of payment made and summary of services booked
by the Customer on the website. The reservation is only considered valid if Costa do Vizir validates it and
to accept it as binding.
6.6 Reservations in general are only considered valid if Costa do Vizir accepts them and
The latter is free to accept or reject them.
6.7 The acceptance or refusal of a reservation may, among other reasons, depend on the
functionality, operability and effective availability of the accommodation (apartment
or bungalow) or of the resort itself and in general of all the circumstances that
may affect the stay for the dates to which the reservation relates.
6.8 The Costa do Vizir offers family stays in the traditional sense, since the
accommodation has been specially designed for this purpose. The Costa do Vizir
reserves the right to refuse any reservations which are contrary to this principle, or which
try to get around it.
6.9 Reservations for plots and accommodation (bungalows or apartments) are subject to the following conditions
personal data and may not, under any circumstances, be transferred to third parties, either
free of charge or for consideration.
6.10 All bookings made by third parties must be completed in the name of the
holder of the stay.
6.11 The Customer is solely responsible for its own selection of services and the
to suit their needs. The Costa do Vizir cannot be
accountable in this regard.
6.12 The Customer confirms the veracity and accuracy of the information provided.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents, teachers or others.
duly authorized adults. Costa do Vizir may require the following documentation
relevant that identifies adults as parents, teachers or authorized persons.
The basic price includes:
8.1 Tent, 2 people, access for one vehicle, electricity connection, as well as the
access to sanitary facilities and reception infrastructures;
8.2 Caravan, 2 people, access for one vehicle, electricity connection, as well as the
access to sanitary facilities and reception infrastructures.
8.3 Motorhome, 2 people, electricity connection, as well as access to the
sanitary facilities and reception infrastructures.
9.1 The complementary accommodation (apartments and bungalows) are fully
9.2 The basic price is for 2 people in a 1-bedroom apartment, 4 people in a 2-bedroom apartment and 5 people in a 2-bedroom apartment.
in the case of bungalows.
9.3 Occupancy by “extra persons” can only be made in the face of
availability and capacity of the accommodation and only in cases where this service
has been made available and accepted by the Costa do Vizir.
9.4 The Costa do Vizir has the right to refuse access to groups or families who are
present with a number of companions greater than the capacity of the accommodation
9.5 The administrative process of the reserves on the Costa do Vizir, both for the
accommodation or camping pitches, there is no additional cost to the campers.
10.1 Any booking of more than 4 accommodations by the same person or by
different natural persons, even if they know each other and/or travel together through the
same reasons, on the same dates of stay, are considered as reservations of
10.2 The accommodation proposed on the Costa do Vizir website, whether plots for
camping or complementary accommodation is intended exclusively for Customers
10.3 For all group booking requests it is necessary to contact Costa do
Vizir, either by phone, e-mail or through our “Contact” option.
10.4 Costa do Vizir has the right to examine the reservation request before accepting it.
or refuse it.
11.1 The prices indicated are valid for the current calendar year.
11.2 The prices indicated are for each night, expressed in euros and are only valid for
for the period indicated on the website.
11.3 The prices indicated include VAT applicable on the day of booking.
11.4 The amount of the tourist tax applied by the administrative authorities is liable to
of variations.
11.5 Any change or introduction of new legal or regulatory fees
imposed by the competent authorities are automatically passed on to the
prices indicated on the invoice date.
11.6 The prices for booking services are indicated before and during the booking process.
online booking.
12.1 For all bookings made on the Costa do Vizir, whose stay does not involve the
the Client’s entry into the plots or accommodation within 30 days of the date of the
and in order for the reservation to be guaranteed, the Customer must pay
at the time of booking, through the means of payment made available to you of (25
%) of the total amount of the booked stay.
12.2 The remaining amount of the booked stay must be paid by 30
days before the start date of the stay on the Costa do Vizir.
12.3 For bookings made less than 30 days before the start of the stay and where the
is validated and confirmed, the Customer must make full payment of the
value of the stay at the time of booking.
12.4 In the event of non-payment of the reservation deposit or the amount
remainder of the value of the stay under the terms of (12.1) and (12.2) of the conditions
payment, Costa do Vizir has the right to immediately cancel the reservation and in
as a result of which the accommodation will be free for sale.
Changes to the reservation
13.1 The Customer may request changes to their stay by sending a written request to
to Costa do Vizir, by email or by telephone,
(see contacts in these terms and conditions of sale), such request for a change in the
subject to availability and capacity of available accommodation.
13.2 Changes to booking dates from one year to the next will not be accepted,
unless the Customer compensates for the foreseeable price increase for the
the following year.
13.3 If the change cannot be made, the Customer will have to rebook their stay.
in the initial conditions of the reservation or cancel it according to the conditions of
reservation cancellation or reservation cancellation insurance.
13.4 Any request for an extension of the duration of a stay will always be subject to
subject to availability and the prices in force at the time.
13.5 Any request to reduce the length of stay is considered a cancellation.
and will be subject to the modalities of annulment and interruption of stay.
Interrupted or shortened stay
13.6 If the stay is interrupted or shortened by cancellation in unforeseeable circumstances
or force majeure, the amounts paid for the reservation will be fully refunded.
However, this cancellation does not entitle you to payment of compensation,
interest or any other compensation to the Client.
13.7 If the stay is interrupted or shortened due to cancellation and for reasons
attributable to the customer, all requests for cancellation must be obligatorily
communicated by letter to the postal address of Costa do Vizir or to the contact of
e-mail from Costa do Vizir.
13.8 Costa do Vizir does not accept cancellations transmitted by telephone.
13.9 Any cancellation of all or part of the booking period shall result in termination
all or part of the reserve. In these cases the accommodation or camping pitches
are fully or partially free for trading, in the latter case (cancellation
partial) only during the respective period.
13.10 In the event of full or partial cancellation of the reservation by the Client, without the Client’s
has subscribed to the cancellation guarantee by the date of arrival on the Costa do Vizir, by a
for the following reasons: i) closure of borders by administrative decision; ii)
closure of the Costa do Vizir; iii) limiting travel to a number of
kilometers by administrative decision, not allowing the Customer to access the Coast of the
Vizir, a voucher will be issued with a value corresponding to the total amount paid, valid
for two years. If the Customer refuses the voucher, the amount will be refunded.
at your request.
Cancellation of booking – consequences:
13.11 Cancellation on the 16th day before the start of the stay:
a) The amount paid in advance as a down payment (25%) will be retained by Costa do Brasil.
Vizir as cancellation costs, not being the subject of any
b) Any other amounts paid, less the amount paid
in advance as a down payment (25%) will be refunded to the Customer.
13.12 Cancellation between the 15th day and the 6th day before the start of the stay – the amount of
(30%) of the total amount of the stay will be retained by Costa do Vizir as a cost of
13.13 Cancellation between the 5th day and 0 days before the start of the stay – the Costa do Vizir
retains all amounts paid, which shall not be subject to any

13.14 If the Client makes a reservation, but does not show up at Costa do Vizir on the date
scheduled for the beginning of his stay without having informed the reception of the Costa do Vizir, by
letter or e-mail that you will not enter the accommodation or camping pitch on the date
scheduled for the start of your stay, the reservation will be considered canceled. In this case
Costa do Vizir has the right to retain all amounts paid by the Customer and in
as a result of which the accommodation will be free for sale.
13.15 In the event of cancellation of the reservation by the Customer who has taken out insurance against
cancellation of reservations, the amounts paid shall be covered by the guarantee in accordance with the
general conditions for canceling reservations. In this case, the Customer shall be responsible for
request for reimbursement from the insurance company.
13.16 If the reason for canceling the reservation is not covered by the cancellation insurance
reserves or if the insurer declines responsibility for payment, the
Amounts paid by the Client to Costa do Vizir are not subject to any refund.
13.17 If the installed Customer wishes to shorten the contracted stay, without a reason
valid and duly substantiated justification, there will be no reimbursement of
any amount.
14.1 On the day of arrival at Costa do Vizir, the Client will be welcomed from 17:00 and
When you hand over the keys to your accommodation, you will be asked to pay a deposit of
14.2 The Customer must take care of their personal belongings.
14.3 Costa do Vizir will not be held responsible for any incident such as,
(accidents, damage, theft of objects, etc.), which are the sole responsibility of the
Clients, companions and any visitors.
14.4 The Customer holding an accommodation shall at all times be liable for any
disturbances or damage caused by accompanying persons and any visitors, as well as
for their equipment.
Camping plots:
14.5 Arrivals / check-in of Customers to set up on camping pitches
runs from 8:00 to 23:00.
14.6 In addition to the responsibilities set out in 14.3 and 14.4, Costa do Vizir will
also declines any responsibility for damage caused by bad weather or
by falling trees.
14.7 All materials to be installed on the Costa do Vizir must be covered by a
civil liability insurance, under the terms of the respective policy.
14.8 The camper insurance must insure the objects that make up the whole of the
camping equipment belonging to the Client/insured, described in the conditions
particulars of the policy, during their stay on the Costa do Vizir.
15.1 Under the terms of the regulations in force, the Client will be asked to identify themselves
on arrival at the Costa do Vizir, so that it is possible to check the data of the
15.2 The Client, their companions and any visitors must accept the
provisions of the Internal Regulations, which are available for consultation at the reception desk of the
Costa do Vizir.
15.3 If a Client/guest and/or visitor fails to comply with any of the provisions of the
Internal Regulations, the Costa do Vizir shall be obliged to request from the
Customer/guest and/or visitor leaving the premises without the Customer having
the right to any compensation and/or reimbursement of payments made.
15.4 Costa do Vizir has WI-FI access (free of charge) which allows the Customer to have
Internet access. Nevertheless, Costa do Vizir informs customers that the WI-FI network is
more effective in certain areas of the Costa do Vizir, such as the reception area, the
the terrace area of the poolside bar and the restaurant area.
15.5 The customer is obliged to comply with the service provider’s security policy
of the Costa do Vizir and the rules for the use of security resources, whose
objective is to prevent the illicit use of computer resources and to refrain from acts that
can reduce the effectiveness of these resources.
15.6 In the event of a specific equipment failure or where access is suspended
or unable to do so for any reason whatsoever, the Customer shall not be entitled to any
compensation from Costa do Vizir.
Additional accommodation:
16.1 On the day of departure, indicated in the Client’s contract, the accommodation must be
unoccupied of people and goods until 10:00.
16.2 The accommodation must be returned by the Customer in the state of repair in which it was left.
with all its equipment functional. Costa do Vizir will verify
that the equipment in the inventory is in conformity and any and all
missing or damaged equipment, as well as any damaged infrastructure,
shall be the responsibility of the Customer.
16.3 In the event of damage caused by the Customer, the security deposit provided may not be
refunded at the end of your stay. The cost of the damage will be determined and after deduction
of the same, the remainder of the security deposit will be returned to the Customer.
16.4 If the security deposit provided proves insufficient to cover the damage,
Costa do Vizir has the right to demand additional compensation from the Customer for
cover all actual damage.
16.5 Costa do Vizir has the right to charge an additional day at the price in
in force, if the Customer checks out after the scheduled time and provided that this is not
has been previously agreed with the Costa do Vizir reception.
16.6 Without prejudice to 16.5, the Customer shall also be obliged to pay a
any compensation that Costa do Vizir may have to spend as a result of the
it is impossible for the next Customer to move into their accommodation.
Camping plots:
16.7 Check-outs for Customers staying on camping pitches are carried out by
at 12:00 on the day the Customer is due to leave.
17.1 Costa do Vizir is “pet friendly”, so certain animals are allowed,
as long as they are kept on a leash and accompanied by their owners or in the
its transport box.
17.2 Animals of breeds considered dangerous are not allowed.
17.3 For reasons of hygiene, animals are not allowed in common areas (in the
changing rooms, reception, swimming pool terrace, swimming pool, sports grounds
children’s playground, restaurant and market halls).
17.4 The animals’ vaccination documents must be up to date and the owners must
to carry them since they may have to show them to the authorities.
17.5 The reception of animals is subject to a price that will be invoiced at the
rate conditions indicated on the Costa do Vizir website.
17.6 Costa do Vizir does not provide any food or material for the
the animals during their stay.
Costa do Vizir may request the Client’s consent to use,
reproduction and dissemination of the image and/or voice, obtained through photographs, videos
and/or voice recordings taken at activities or other events promoted by the
Costa do Vizir in which the Client intervenes or has participated during their stay,
for the purposes best identified on a specific form,
namely for the purpose of institutional communication, publicity activities and
marketing and promotion of the Costa do Vizir.
19.1 The main characteristics of the accommodation are set out in the reservation
online, however, as the photographs were not taken on the day of the event.
reservation by the Customer, there may be non-substantial differences between the photograph and the
reality on the date of use of the services contracted by the Client, which do not confer
the Customer the right to any contractual modification.
19.2 Costa do Vizir cannot be held responsible for failure to comply with or
inadequate fulfillment of reservations in cases of fortuitous events or force majeure, actions
unforeseeable or unavoidable actions of third parties or the Customer, in particular the
unavailability of the Internet network, inability to access the website, errors or
computer bugs, any system failure, external interference, computer viruses
or unauthorized prepayment by the cardholder’s bank.
19.3 Any booking or payment that is irregular, ineffective, incomplete or
fraud for reasons attributable to the Customer will result in the cancellation of the order
at the Customer’s expense, without prejudice to any civil or criminal liability.
19.4 Partners are responsible for the offers displayed on their services,
in particular for the accuracy and completeness of the information, including rates, prices,
rates, conditions and availability.
19.5 Costa do Vizir acts as an intermediary between the Client and the Partners and in this
sentido shall not be held liable for any error, interruption in service, information
inaccurate, misleading or erroneous or even due to a lack of information from Partners.

19.6 The entry of the necessary bank details, as well as the acceptance of the
these terms and conditions, the conditions of sale for the reserved tariff and the
booking request (confirmed by the Costa do Vizir), constitute a signature
electronically between both parties, and shall be deemed to be automatically incorporated
to the contract signed, without having to transcribe it in writing.
20.1 “Unforeseeable circumstances” correspond to the development of natural forces to which the
man’s action is totally foreign (e.g. floods, fires, sudden death, etc.),
is based on the idea of unpredictability, the fact cannot be foreseen, but it would be
avoidable if it had been foreseen.
20.2 “Force majeure” consists of a third party event for which the debtor does not
is responsible (e.g. war, imprisonment, theft, orders imposed by the authorities
bug, unavailability of computer systems, etc.), underlies the
idea of inevitability, it will be all natural knowledge or human action that,
although predictable or even presumed, cannot be avoided, either in itself or in the
its consequences.
20.3 Such cases, in most cases, prevent the Client or Costa do Vizir from
fulfill all or part of the obligations set out in the contract. Fortuitous events
or force majeure are those usually recognized by the jurisprudence of the courts
20.4 Neither party shall be liable to the other in the event of
failure to comply with its obligations as a result of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.
It is expressly agreed that acts of God or force majeure shall suspend, for
both parties, the performance of their reciprocal obligations and that each party
must bear the resulting costs.
21.1 Costa do Vizir processes personal data, for which it is responsible.
21.2 When the Customer accesses the Costa do Vizir website, the following may be collected
some information necessary for the correct provision of services. The
Vizir will process the following category of data:
Identification and contact details: first name, last name, date of birth, address,
nationality, e-mail address, telephone and cell phone number, social security number, etc.
personal identification document, tax identification number and possibly
Commercial data for the provision of services and/or supply of products;
▫ Payment and return details.
Other data: possibly provided by the Client, accompanying persons, visits to
certain specific situations.
21.3 If the information deemed indispensable is not made available, the
Costa do Vizir may not be able to register the reservation or manage the claims made
by the Customer, which means that the services may not be provided.
21.4 The personal data provided will be processed by Costa do Vizir for the following purposes
the following purposes:
Managing reservations requested by the customer;
Providing information or clarification requested by the Client;
Sending information about reservations, sending confirmation or documentation
for the reservation made.
21.5 The legal basis for processing the personal data provided by the
Customer/user for booking camping pitches and accommodation
complementary services, either through the website or through the Costa do Vizir services
in the interaction with the Customer (receipt of Costa do Vizir, e-mail, etc.), is the execution of the
contract between the parties and the legitimate interest of Costa do Vizir in providing the services
to its customers.
21.6 The personal data provided for the provision of services and/or the supply of
products will be stored during the contractual relationship and after its termination,
for the maximum period required to comply with legal and regulatory obligations
applicable. Thus, personal data relating to billing and administrative management can
be kept for a period of 10 years from the date of the act.
21.7 The information processed is intended for Costa do Vizir, its partners and for
service providers.
21.8 The Personal Data collected and used by Costa do Vizir is not
made available to third parties established outside the European Union. If, in the future, this
transfer takes place, Costa do Vizir undertakes to ensure that the
transfer complies with the applicable legal provisions, in particular as regards the
determining the adequacy of that country with regard to data protection and the
requirements applicable to such transfers, but no data will be transferred
to jurisdictions that do not offer guarantees of security and protection. In
However, personal data may be shared inside and outside the European Union
when required by law or to meet legal requirements.
21.9 If the user and/or Client provides Costa do Vizir with third party data, they must
declare that it has obtained the consent of such third parties and attach a declaration to that effect
where it is explicit that the consent of these third parties has been obtained and the purpose for
data processing.
21.10 Costa do Vizir may request the Customer’s consent to send it
satisfaction surveys in order to improve services, which will be
preferably by email.
21.11 Costa do Vizir may request the Customer’s consent to send it
commercial communications, information on products and services, offers
promotions, news (newsletters and other information).
21.12 Costa do Vizir may request the Customer’s consent to send it
invitations and publicizing events.
21.13 The Customer has the right to withdraw consent to data processing
by sending a written declaration to
21.14 In addition to the right to information, the data subject has the right to
right of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, as well as the right to
portability and objection to processing by sending a written declaration to
21.15 You can also lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, which is the
National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), using the following contact details
made available by this entity for this purpose.
21.16 Costa do Vizir’s personal data protection policy can be found at
In the event that any clause of these general terms and conditions of sale is declared to be
null and void, the remaining general terms and conditions shall remain valid
in accordance with the agreed Terms. Costa do Vizir undertakes to replace the
clause affected by the nullity, adapting it, as far as possible, to the intention
initially expressed by the parties.
23.1 In the event of a dispute relating to these terms and conditions, the Customer is
informed by the Costa do Vizir of the possibility of resorting to a procedure of
conventional mediation or any alternative dispute resolution methods.
23.2 Complaints regarding non-compliance with service provision
must be sent by the Customer in writing and by means of a letter
registered with acknowledgment of receipt to the attention of the management of Costa do Vizir, no later than 30 days after
the end of your stay.
23.3 The Customer must first contact Costa do Vizir in order to try to
resolve the dispute amicably.
Costa do Vizir’s terms and conditions of sale are regulated by law
25.1 These terms and conditions of sale may be amended and/or supplemented by
at any time by the Costa do Vizir.
25.2 In this case, the new version of the terms and conditions of sale is made available
by Costa do Vizir and applies automatically to all Customers with immediate effect,
except for reservations made before the date of publication of the new version of the terms
and conditions.
25.3 For these reservations, the version of the terms and conditions previously accepted
remains applicable.
Update: 06/02/2023